Connecting to the Water Window

Once the Water Window meter is plugged in, the next step is to connect to it with a computer or other device to configure the meter or to get the current tank level. On initial setup there is only one way to connect, but once the meter has been configured and has connected to the home network, there are several ways depending on the type of device you are using. (Computer / iPhone / Android).


Initial Setup

When the meter is powered up before being setup to connect to your home network, the meter goes into Access Point mode and creates its own network that you can connect to. This method can be used anytime and is useful if at any time you cannot find the meter on the home network; use this method to get into the meter's setup screens to check connection status and assigned IP address.

To start, reboot the meter by either cycling power or using the included magnet to activate the reset switch.

  • On your device, go to network settings and look for a Wi-Fi network called "WaterWindow". Connect to this network. (Network settings example below - Windows 10)

WIFI settings screen

  • In any internet browser type the following address into the address bar: "" and hit enter.
  • This will take you to the WIFI scan page in the meter where you can choose a home network to connect to.
  • Once connected to the home network, the assigned IP address will be displayed or it can also be found on the WIFI setup page in the meter.

Network connection screen

  • You can now reconnect your device to your home network and use the assigned IP address displayed in the last step to connect to the meter again.
    • Note: The assigned IP address is a random address assigned by your network. If the meter losses connection or re-boots, it may not get the same address back when it re-connects. In this case and this method of connecting, these steps will need to be repeated to get the new address.

 Everyday Use

Once the meter has been connected to the home network, several apps have been developed to to simplify accessing the meter when you want to see where your at with the water level. 

Windows Computers

  • A windows program has been developed and is available on the Water Window web site: Windows App.
    • Currently the program is not digitally signed and Windows will throw up warnings that the program could not be verified and not to install. Continue installing to set up the program.
  • When run, the program will search the network for the meter and display the results.

Windows App

  • Clicking on the button will open a browser and take you to the meter. The checkbox displays the level in this program.


Android Devices

  • An App has been developed that will search your home network for meters and allows you to select the one to view. You can download the app from the play store here:  Android App

Android app

  • The initial time the app is run, the setup screen is displayed showing the Water Window meters found. 
  • The checkbox sets the meter as the default meter. When checked the app will bypass this screen and go directly the meters gauge screen when opened. 
  • Clicking on the displayed meter will open the gauge screen displaying the current tank level.
  • When in the meters web pages you can get back to the settings screen by using the back arrow in the top left corner of the screen. 

Android app

Apple Devices

  • For Apple devices, the functions for finding the Water Window meter are built into the operating system, requiring no special app.
  • When doing the initial setup and after you connect to the home network, go to the WIFI Setup screen.

Setup Screen

  • In the Host Name field, either record the name that is there or enter one of your choosing. Click save and reset meter.
    • The host name needs to be all one word, no spaces.
  • On the Apple device open the Safari browser and enter the host name followed by ".local" into the address bar and tap "Go".
    • Only the Safari browser will work
    • In the above example the address to enter into Safari would be "WaterWindow.local".
  • The Meter's gauge screen will be displayed in Safari.
Water Window in Safari browser
  • For quick access to the meter, create a shortcut on your home screen. 
  • Pull up the bottom menu and tap "Add to Home Screen"
  • On the next screen, name the shortcut and then click "done". 
Apple shortcut screen
  • A shortcut should now be on your home screen and you can access the meter with just one click.