Display Pages with Estimation Function

Water Level Gauge

Whenever you access the Water Window, the first screen to be displayed is the gauge. This gives you a simple display indicating the current level in the tank.

Main Display

On this page

  • Time Stamp: The time the last reading was taken. Verifies the information is current.
  • Gauge: Displays the current level in the units chosen.
  • Units : Displays the current units selected.
    • Clicking on the textbox opens a menu of units to choose from.
    • Volume units are not displayed until a conversion factor is entered in the L/cm field of the Sensor Calibration settings page.

Sensor Calibration screen

Main screen with volume units displayed

  • Usage History Button: Navigates to the chart displaying historical level values.
  • Setup Button: Enters the setup screens for the meter.

Historical Chart

 The historical chart displays all the level data recorded in the meter, up to 3 months of data at any one time.

Historical usage chart

On this page

  • Chart: Displays usage and fill data stored in the meter
  • Enable Estimates: Activates the estimate function in the meter. The estimated usage will be displayed on the chart in green, an estimated days to empty value will be displayed here, on the gauge screen and in all alert messages.

Chart with estimates enabled

Gauge with estimates enabled

Estimation Function

The estimation function work by calculating the water used each day and recording the results into a table. The table contains 13 weeks worth of readings and as new values are added to the bottom of the table the oldest values are removed from the top. Each time a new day value is added, the 13 week Average Daily Use is re- calculated. Having the 13 week rolling average allows the daily average to change as the water usage changes throughout the seasons of the year.

 The table containing the daily usages can be accessed from the Update Firmware screen, by clicking the Edit Raw Prediction Data button.

Prediction Data default values

  • The default values, when the unit is set to factory defaults is 10cm/day.

Prediction Data Screen

  • As a new days use is calculated all the values for that day are shifted up one row and the new value is added to the bottom row for that day. The value from the top row removed.
  • If it is known that the daily water use is higher or lower than what has been recorded in the table, any of the daily values can be edited from this screen and the Average Daily values will be re-calculated and used in all the estimation displays.