From time to time as improvements are made, new firmware updates will be released. The update process only takes a few clicks and a couple of minutes to perform.

Download Link Version Changes Date
WW853 v853.45


Bug fixes and functional updates.

Jun 4th, 2024


Update Process


 1. Using the link above download the firmware file into a easy to find folder on your computer.
2. Navigate to the Water Window's main screen. Click the setup button at the bottom of the screen.  Water Window Firmware Update Main Screen
3. From the Wi-Fi setup screen select the Update Firmware  button.  Water Window Firmware Update Wifi screen
4. Once in the Firmware Update screen you can view the currently installed version of firmware. To update click the Select button. This will stop all functions on the meter and put it into update mode. Click the cancel button to abort the update and put the meter back into operational mode. Water Window Firmware Update, Update screen
5. Click the Choose File button to open a file picker dialog box. Navigate to the folder when you saved the firmware file and select the file.  Water Window Firmware Update Choose File
6. Click the Update button. This will start the upload of the selected file. Depending on connection quality the upload will take 30 sec to a minute. Water Window Firmware Update, Update button Screen
7. Once completed an Upload Successful screen will appear for a few seconds and then the meter will reboot.  Water Window Firmware Update Success
8. If for any reason the upload fails, the original firmware on the meter will remain unchanged. Reboot the meter and try again.