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  • Real-time level measurements
  • No future maintenance or recalibration required after installation
  • Alerts sent through Email and / or Text Message
  • 6 configurable level alerts - triggers on either a rising or falling level 
  • 4 configurable time of day alerts - sent on a daily or weekly schedule
  • Records up to 3 months of past levels and displays on interactive chart
  • Estimates future usage and when the tank will be empty
  • Tank level can be displayed as up to 4 different units: cm, %, Liters, gal
  • Meter is self-contained
    • Future proof. The meter will never become outdated and stop functioning due to external factors
    • There are no accounts to sign up for or personal information stored on any cloud services
    • Other than user set emails, no data is transmitted outside the home network
    • Unit contains its own web server and data memory
  • Easy installation and setup
    • Unit consists of 3 main components; lower in tank sensor, head unit, and 12v outdoor power supply
    • Multiple apps developed for easy communications

    Warranty Info


    Customer Supplied Requirements

    • 2.4Ghz home network with good wireless signal at the water tank
      • Even though we work hard to make this meter compatible with all network Access Points, there are certain manufacturer's or models that this meter may have difficulty connecting to
      • In these cases or if there is insufficient wireless signal at the installation point, it is the users responsibility add another a compatible Access Point or Wi-Fi repeater to the home network for the meter to connect to
    • 12v low voltage power wires running from the power supply installation location to the meter installation location
      • If a previous meter or low level alarm was installed, the wiring can be disconnected and re-used to run power
      • If no previous wiring is available, common low voltage yard lighting wire from any hardware store is ideal to use. See Examples Here
      • It is up to the user to verify and follow all local installation regulations
    Customer Reviews
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    Kevin F.
    Canada Canada
    Very satisfied with my purchase

    Great product that was easy to install into existing infrastructure. Went above a beyond to answer my questions and very accommodating to get the product into my hands very quickly. Very pleased with the service delivery. It works great and shows me exactly what level I am at. I have verified it. Makes delivery planning much better.

    Stacy D.
    Canada Canada
    Very happy with my purchase!

    Very quick delivery, extremely easy to set up, it has given us a lot of peace of mind knowing the accurate level of our cistern. Will recommend to friends.

    Roderick H.
    Canada Canada
    I was very impressed with the instructions and how easy it was to setup! When you first read the manual you get abut overwhelmed but it really was easy to hook up. I recommend this unit as a great way to monitor your tank levels.

    I really like the unit!

    Matt P.
    Canada Canada
    A perfect accesory to a water cistern

    If you have a water cistern, this is the tool to help you manage it. We prefer to keep our cistern on the fuller side so are always planning out our water hauls. Having this system makes this task so much easier as we now have our water level at our fingertips and know exactly how many hauls we need to do. No more stress of having our water level get too low!

    Ben E.
    Canada Canada
    Excellent product far exceeding what's out there

    Great product. Very well designed. Takes the guesswork out of knowing our cistern level. We will never run out of water again as the software will email and text us when the tank gets to a user set level, as well as a daily message with volume remaining, allowing us time to order more water from our hauler. Our water hauler even offered to get the low level notification directly to remove the need to contact him. The usage chart allows a visual representation of actual water consumption over a given period of time which is great as well as providing the systems overall health. This product is well worth the investment and the customer support is top notch should you ever need assistance.